EMC2: Delivering Customer Centricity


EMC Corporation (EMC2) is basically a United States based multinational firm which has been headquartered in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. The company has been offering data storage, analytics, information security, virtualization, cloud computing, etc. that has been helping business, customers to manage, store, protect and also analyze the data. EMC has been looking to target mostly the largest multinational organizations and it also looks to focus on the vertical markets as well.

The company has been a part of New York Stock Exchange in the year 1986. The company has been more than 60,000 employees worldwide and it has been one of the largest providers of the data storage system where it has been competing with rival firms such as the HP, IBM, NetApp, Hitachi, etc. The chief executive officer of the company is Joe Tucci who has been serving since 2001 and he is also the chairman of the board of the directors.

The company has been quite successful in making itself as one of the leading players in the world, however, the sales have declined, profits have diminished and the competing firms have actually offered lower prices to the price sensitive market.

Problem Statement

The case “EMC2: Delivering Customer Centricity” basically looks to introduce the concept of the customer centricity and it also looks to trace the development of the EMC which is one of the leading firms in the data storage hardware and information management software company in the world.

In the past, EMC has relied too heavily on the customers to actually consult and coordinate with the sales team where it helps in the complex and the consultative buying process. Since, the social media has risen and the customers are acquiring more information through the online websites, the sales people at EMC are coordinating to a limited extent with the customers directly.

In such a scenario, the senior vice president of EMC, BJ Jenkins has been facing the following challenges which he might need to resolve and also maintain customer centricity. The issues that need to be resolved by the firm translating EMC’s platinum service levels, designed to appeal to the world’s largest companies, to small businesses and B2C customers, 2) Moreover, the company has been looking to develop and rather replace the physical interaction with the digital interaction in the consultative selling process that shall affect EMC business, and finally, 3) to actually manage a VAR sales model that shall distances EMC from its customers.

Buying process Influences

The buying process influence that has been identified in the case indicates that the company to attract customers and to actually influence the buying process, the company has been using individual process. The reason is simple, the sales for the company has been a major success factor where the company EMC has been attracting major sales by attracting customers directly with the help of phone calls or the personal visits. This has been followed by the firm for a long time, however, in the recent past, the industry norms have been revamped, the competitors are looking to integrate and communicate with the customers over the internet. This has been one of the major developments, which has not only reduced the cost, but it has also made the organizations reach out potential customers across the globe. Therefore, the influences affecting the purchasing process for customers buying the product could be described as individual only. The organization is looking to follow the process model where it has been looking to offer customers with the new method of business, where the model has been revamped into a relational process. Now the customers are directly targeted by using the relational method which has attracted the potential business buyers.

The buying process EMC2

The buying process that has been followed by the company EMC to attract large business customers have been quite unique when it comes to focusing on the certain areas of business. To attract large customers and to make sales as per the requirements of the customers, the company looks to initially make a call to the business organization, over here the direct sales to the customs is made, where the organization looks to target large industry buyers.

Moreover, the organization has been offering unanimous services to the customers by delivering technical support to the customers also. Over here, as the case states, the business customers have provided technical support not in the specific areas of provided by EMC, but the company also provides support and helps overcome other business issues also. As per the case, a customer or a business organization acquiring services of EMC looks to help not only the issues raised for EMC, but for other business also.

Therefore, it can be said that the business organizations have been of support where it has aligned itself with the different organizations that has been offering and has acquired itself with other players in the market.

Strategy, Value Proposition and Market Decisions


The strategy that has been followed by EMC with respect to the customer and growth has been to achieve success by recognizing the opportunity and also acting upon it in a rather timely manner. Moreover, the organization has been evaluating different growth opportunities to reach out the customers with utmost benefits.

Value Proposition

The value proposition for EMC has been to offer the customers high quality customer centric product. EMC over the past decade has been one organization that has been charging higher prices than the competitors. This attribute has actually increased the level of customer satisfaction and the sales have also increased for the company. Moreover, the value proposition of EMC includes the creation of pragmatic, executable service strategies that shall help the organization in achieving innovation in the industry.

Market Decision

The market decisions that have been taken by EMC to increase the revenues and the potential customer base, EMC have been focused on providing the customers with utmost innovation and user friendly expertise. The decision to compete in the market taken by EMC revolves around being a firm that focuses on engaging customers through effective and efficient customer satisfaction strategies.

Core Competency

The core competency of EMC has been the elements of planning and organization. The reason is simple; the organization has been one of the major players in the industry that has been focused on creativity and innovation. This attribute is yet to be matched by the rivals. However, in the recent times, things have actually slipped in favor of the rival firms who have reduced the prices and have attracted customer who are rather price sensitive.

Moreover, the organization has been quite concerned about building relationships with clients that has again been a unique selling proposition and a feature that is still unmatched in the market.

Marketing Mix

Product and/or service

The product or the service that has been offered by the company EMC Corporation include the following where the organization has been offering data storage, analytics, information security, virtualization, cloud computing, etc. that has been helping business, customers to manage, store, protect and also analyze the data.

Moreover, the company has been offering high quality, innovative products to the customers where it has been offering customers with highly customer centric products directly focusing on ensuring customer satisfaction.

Value and Pricing

The prices of the services and product offered by EMC are quite high priced. The pricing strategy followed by EMC ranges between price skimming strategy and the premium pricing strategy. This has been the price model where it has looked to focus on high prices rather than catering the needs of mass audience by offering price penetration strategy.

In the recent past, as the case states, the business model within the industry has changed and their rivals have come up with price sensitive products. To compete in the market, EMC has also looked to introduce such products.

Channels of marketing and distribution

The distribution strategy which has been followed by EMC is to make sure it has its products available across the globe. Since, the market segment is quite diverse and the customers are placed in different regions, therefore, EMC has been looking to expand itself and has actually developed itself in different markets in the past decade.


The promotional strategy that has been followed by the company EMC has been to focus on reaching out to potential business and customers through direct selling. Over here, the major customers that have been a part of EMC have been approached directly over the phone call by the representatives at EMC. The organization is looking to value long term relationship with clients and has been a company that deals directly with the customers.

Long term perspective of building relationships

The long term perspective of the company EMC where it looked to establish sound and sustainable relationships with the customers has been based upon the long term perspective. The reason is simple, as the case states, the company have been offering high priced products; moreover, the organization has also built itself through acquisition strategy. This has been the elements where the quality of services, the products offered to the customers has been all inclined towards the element of building relationships with the customers. Moreover, the organization under the leadership of Tucci has been quite convinced that the element of customer satisfaction shall be achieved by building long term relationship with the customers.

Types of Networks

The types of network that have been used by EMC are product development. As the case states, EMC has been constantly looking to introduce new products, new features and new services to the customers. In this regard, the company has actually developed strategic alliances, acquisition strategy to integrate itself with the different manufacturers. As the case states, EMC has had an alliance with Cisco where the two organizations have developed sales collaboration and technology within the company.

Moreover, the collaboration has been an investment by the two companies in order to gain advanced technologies that shall serve the customers. Dell is another major company where it has again aligned itself with the company EMC to offer its customers long term sustainable where it has been offering.

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