Innovation At Timberland Thinking Outside The Shoe Box


Question: What can Swartz change to get more successful innovation?

As per the case “Innovation at Timberland Thinking outside the Shoebox” has discussed the various instances where Timberland has proved to be one of the leading firms in the industry that has relied and remained competitive because of the constant innovation.

The company since 1960s has looked to introduce out of the box products that has helped the organization to sustain in the market. Based on the current situation of the company, to move ahead in the future, the company needs to continue with the strategy of innovation and creativity. The CEO of Timberland therefore needs to take the necessary steps in this regard.

The first and foremost recommendation for the company shall be to introduce a decentralized organization structure which shall allow the company to integrate methods of innovation.

By focusing on decentralized organizational structure it will actually make the employees bring about new and innovative ideas which will favor the firm simultaneously. The managers of the firm need to become more creative and they should support and encourage the subordinates to accept changes and bring new ideas also.

In addition to this, another recommendation for the CEO Swartz to bring in successful innovation in the company should actually acquire the local companies which will allow the company to have new a larger product portfolio and it will also enhance the reputation of the company along with the resources.

The training of leadership is also vital in this regard. Training sessions with motivational speakers will help Timberland attain the idea of innovation and it will directly support the decision making propensity.

The idea of acquisition with smaller firms in the local market will support the decision making and will allow the company to bring in products that can become unique selling proposition. The recommendations shall be helpful and efficient for the company that will allow effective changes and sustain the innovation and creativity on constant basis.

In the end, it can be said that Timberland under the leadership of the CEO Swartz should encourage and motivate employees to accept the challenge of future changes and innovation within the firm. This will sustain the profitability and revenue of the company and will also help the organization to increase the overall satisfaction of the customers.

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