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Kiai Marketing Group (Kiai) is founded by Roger Mills in the year 2007 in the middle of this education life. The intention of the Kiai is to provide innovative marketing solutions to provide London businesses. This report helps to identify a specific marketing plan, implementation of marketing plan to solve the existing marketing objectives of Kiai. The first part identifies the need identification and setting up of a marketing plan.

The second part of the report is used to carry out special identification about marketing implementation procedure of Kiai marketing group. The needs assessment is very important to address the specifications and requirements of the best marketing plan and the marketing implementation process of the Kiai marketing group. The lack of a marketing plan and the proper marketing implementation process would not be able to solve the current marketing related issues of the Kiai marketing group. Based on the directions of need assessment and marketing plan that marketing implementation activity time schedule would be prepared. The discussion and understanding of end goal are used to identify fitness of the marketing plan and marketing implementation of Kiai. Next section identifies the discussion ways of monitoring marketing implementation process of Kiai marketing group. Further, discuss about way of adjusting marketing implantation process in accordance to the current market conditions of Ontario. Finally, develops the contingency plan to overcome ongoing uncertainties arise in marketing implementation procedure.

Third part of the report is the latter section of the marketing implementation procedure of the Kiai marketing company. Market solutions will be very important to increase the profitability and effectiveness of the marketing plan and its implementation procedure. Currently, Kiai is lack of proper marketing approach of the company. Marketing solutions will be required to solve the current marketing issues of the company. Marketing solutions of the Kiai should comprise of marketing mix consideration and different other marketing related aspect considerations. Market mix is directly connected with the marketing process of the company. However, other marketing related aspects such as target market, employee training ensure the quality of marketing approach of Kiai. All these marketing solutions shall resolve marketing issues of the Kiai marketing company.

PART 1 -Discuss the marketing problems of Kiai

Roger Mills has set the name of the company as Kiai which is a Japanese word that Ki gives the meaning of “a willing mind and spirit” and ai gives the meaning of “the unification of that spirit”. The meaning of the company name reflects the Roger Mills effort to build up a high standard, and uniquely establishes passionate entrepreneurship. Further, Roger Mills is a student who are eager to be a good entrepreneur. Therefore, he is lacking of experience about the marketing industry of Ontario. This may caused some problems in the beginning of his entrepreneurship.

Mills has identified a requirement for development of laminate cover to backing of laptop lid of the students in the university. This new idea will be very useful to get the advantages from unused advertising space in the marketplace where Western students lived in. This marketing space is sufficient larger with around 30,000 that majority of people are students. This is a low cost advertising space when compared to the rent of a place in the market to display promotions and company logo. Kiai would not found any one of the company who uses the laptop lid as a marketing space. However, Kiai has been seen a barrier of usage of full market space to do the advertising. Therefore, this idea could not be valid that the companies are restricted by the government to use university students to carry out marketing campaigns. According to the ethical business practice perspective, Kiai marketing company adhered to the University rules and regulations. However, it is possible to use smaller number of student team to be selected to continue the marketing process based on the expectations of Roger Mills. Consequently, Kiai has used smaller number of 10 students to continue the marketing activities. The prototype laptop skin will be helpful to carry out the marketing process in an effective manner under the estimated material and design work cost of $25 (Westwood, 2002: p. 19-23).

When considering about the situation of Kiai, Mills did not have a proper idea about the best possible target market to operate with Kiai marketing solutions. Lack of target market would not provide directions for further development of the company. The most initial consideration is to identify the target market of Kiai marketing company. Further, Mills wanted to select the best possible selling options to spend in the particular target market without focusing on all options. This would be very effective to balance the initial marketing budget of Kiai and enables to get the intial experience from smaller position. Mills does not have a proper idea 3 about the prices and payment scale of his team members of Kiai. This may caused to dissatisfy the team members of Kiai marketing company. because payment was the one of the main employee motivational factor. Mills would have not provided proper training to the team members about marketing activities of the company. team members use their knowledge to handle sales pitch in the marketplace. poor employee training has reduced the effectiveness of marketing activities of the company. Further, Mills is lacking of knowledge about the expected profit scale and feasibility of his personal profit goal for next year. In other words Kiai marketing company is not lying under the company objectives. It is important to say that lack of objectives make the lack of direction of the company. These are the problems exist in his Mills mind about the Kiai Marketing Company. This marketing plan will be very helpful to provide directions to Mills to take possible business decisions upon Kiai Marketing Company (Morgan and Summers, 2005: p. 36-67).

External Marketing research Previous section is used to identify the marketing problem of the Kiai marketing company. External marketing research analysis is possible to identify the existing market condition of the Kiai marketing company. SWOT Analysis is possible to understand the strength’s and opportunities of the Kiai marketing activities. Further, weaknesses and threats provide information about potential marketing issues associate with the Kiai marketing company.

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