Case study is a form of study in which students actively participate in real life experiences and scenarios. These involve a certain group of people or an organization. The case solution that the students are required to provide is different depending upon the field of the study. For example a student in business studies is going to present a case solution due to which a company might have gone out of business or how they have managed to alter their strategy in order to accelerate. A student of science or medical is going to provide a solution on how a certain experiment has helped in discovering helpful ways.

Therefore, a systematic approach towards different scenarios that have been faced by people is taken under consideration. The solutions used to get rid of this problem are presented in order to identify the problems.

Different Online Case Solution Helping Sites

There are different sites online that provide cases that require solution. They provide case studies for all fields including science, accounts, business etc. Thus, helping students get idea about real life scenario. This help in establishing a practical experience regarding those problems.

Format of Case Solution Writing

There is a certain format or some parameters that you have to follow while writing a case solution.. The most common format to follow while writing a case study solution is as follows

1. Cover page

2. Contents in the form of a table

3. Summary of the whole study

4. Introduction about the content

5. A complete analysis of the findings

6. Various alternatives

7. Recommendations

8. A paragraph to conclude all the analysis done in previous steps

9. Appendices

10. Bibliography

Advantages and Disadvantages of Case Study

There are also a number of advantages and disadvantages of involving case study into the teaching method of different universities. Some of those advantages and disadvantages are as under


Case solution provides the students in different fields about the practical scenarios that they will face in their professional life. Understanding the beforehand can help the students in a great deal. It also helps strengthen analytical skills and research methods of students which they are going to need.


The first and the foremost disadvantage is that the students might have a difference of opinion with the recommendations provided. Due to this, they will not find the case study appropriate earlier in the case solution. Choosing a single case study in a number of scenarios may be very difficult. This is because there are different case studies for different fields like science, medical, accounts, business and finance etc. Also case study will not be suitable for those courses or programs that are of shorter duration as case study is a lengthy process. It requires a lot of time and research as well.

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