Bluefin Labs The Acquisition by Twitter

Social TV is used to describe how people respond to television shows on social media. Increasingly people discuss TV programs and advertisements on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Big D Company

As per Big D Inc. into a new marketplace Sports Goods Store are ready for a feasible expansion in the market, it is essential that we should study our homework thoroughly to insure the possibility of new place in the market and profit of the organization as well.


Large hotels generally earn their revenue through renting out their capacity to the customers and major expenses are incurred mainly on the services provided to the customers.

Coca Cola Case Study

The Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest beverage company, founded in Georgia, USA in 1892. The company has more than 500 non-alcoholic beverage brands.


The BMW group was a Multinational organization, started by Karl Rapp in 1913 and was involved in the manufacturing of range Automobile Cars and Motorcycles that grew in subsequent years of operations.

Accounting Theory

According to the given case study the revisiting of the conceptual framework begins in the year 2002, the revision of the conceptual framework of both the boards depends heavily upon objectives, characteristics and criteria of the existing conceptual framework.

Business Plan Gas Station

This report demonstrates an idea for the business plan of a gas station, which will be operating the region of California and will serve as the new service provider for the area with respect to gasoline.

Mountain Man Brewing Company

Mountain Man Brewing Company is established by Guntarprangel in 1925 as a family business which is continued by his son then his grandson. The company has only one product of beer known as Mountain Man lager which is produced under the taste of family trend in a refined way.

Air Thread

There are two methods that can be used in the valuation of Air Thread Connection. The two methods are Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) and APV model.

Ceres Gardening Company: Funding Growth in Organic Products

Jonathan Wydown, CEO of the Ceres Gardening Company, scrutinized the figures presented by Annette O’Connell, vice-president of Marketing. It was December 2006, and the two were finalizing the firm’s marketing strategy and objectives for 2007.

Architects in Canada Solution

The Architect industry has profited extraordinarily from deals and work since the mid-1990s in Canada. Truth be told, the pace of development in the business is just about multiple times the pace of the entire economy during this period.


American Cable Communication and AirThread Connections are two companies operating in the telecommunications market in U.S.

Airbus A3XX

Airbus being one of the pioneers in manufacturing aircrafts business and was founded as a consortium of aerospace companies of Germany. Form the beginning the company is perceived to be innovative in terms of design and technology.

Mueller Lehmkuhl Case Study

Mueller-Lehmkuhl (ML), a company incorporated in the Germany, which was established in 1876 as a manufacturer of shoes accessories. Mueller Lehmkuhl expands its product range by including simple as snap fastener.

ChipSupreme Chips Case Study Analysis

ChipSupreme (Chip) was established in the year 1995; with a single specialty retail outlet in chocolate chip cookies by the time stores has increased to 30 retail stores with annual profit of $50 million.

Wal Mart Search OF Renewed Growth

There has been much competition among the retailers in the industry of United States. Wal-Mart has proved to be the key player as a retailer in the world, best known for its everyday low price philosophy.

British Land

John Ritblat, being the CEO and chairperson, is running British Land since his joining in 1970’s. He managed to run the company successfully and raising up to the second largest property company in United Kingdom (UK).