Guinness Draught In A Can

Segmentation bases

Mainly Guinness believes in demographic segmentation. The demographic factors could be age, income, gender, race, family size etc. Young male consider it as their father’s drink, as the company came into being 1759 and it has been almost 257 years, the consumers are using this over on a regular basis (Lynch, 2011). Also, its taste is matchless and distinctive and no other brand can compete with it. The company uses the effective marketing campaigns and mainly they focus on young males. Their advertisements are generally humorous and full of fun ensuring that beer gives the best taste to its drinkers. It is argued that the company generally focuses on young males mainly and not female. Guinness generally doesn’t segment their product gender basis. Also segmentation is based on income of individuals as the company’s products are considerably expensive. Those who have good income can regularly use this over. On Arthurs Day celebrations, the company discounted its products to a great deal so those consumers who have never tried Guinness’s products could try on this occasion. Such new consumers can be potential customers in the future.

Also in Nigeria the company introduced Non-alcoholic beer, best for those who don’t take alcohol. So the company also segments itself for the non-alcoholic beer drinkers as well. There is a great population who dislikes alcohol, so segmenting itself for non-alcoholic beer drinkers is a good approach.

Understand target market

The company has a target market of beer lovers. For generations the males who are taking beer, Guinness is known to them. The beer has a distinctive taste throughout the centuries. Likewise the Guinness has such impact in the beer market that young males do have a feeling that they are drinking their father’s and forefather’s beer. The company targets its customers that this is the same taste their father and forefathers have enjoyed already and throughout the years, the taste is unchanged and provides great quality. It brings in loyalty from consumers.

Also the company targets through a campaign that the beer increase the sexual intensity of males. This is a very successful campaign amongst the youngsters and married couples. The materials used in the manufacturing of beer boosts up the energy level and so that it is very helpful sexually.

Also the company targets the new customers as well as by giving special discounts on events, so they are attracted towards company’s products.

Position marketing

Guinness has a market share of 12% in Eastern Europe, has a 80% market share in Western Europe, 86% in North America, 45% in Africa, 64% in Asia Pacific, 66% in Australia and Asia, 5% in Latin America. The company is able to successfully get the market share throughout the limits of the world. For the different areas of the world, the company uses different marketing campaigns and promotional strategies. The company almost works in 150 markets throughout the world.

Guinness has a different marketing and promotional strategy for different parts of the world. Moreover its demand varies for different areas. Majorly, the product is highly popular in the United States, Ireland (From where it is originated), England, Australia and all over the European countries. In fact the company’s products are a bit expensive, so they promote their products mostly considering the affordability factors.

Promotion of product

The company is using humorous commercial to bring in attention from consumers. Humorous ads generally grab more attention as people watch them for the sake of fun. In the meanwhile companies intelligently promote their products.  Also the company is using different renowned actors and stars to promote its products. Different renowned actors and stars have their followers throughout the world. People wanted to see their favorite stars on the screen. By having these stars in the TV ads, people watch them and also the product(s), they are promoting do get the attention from viewers as well. Also, you can see sign-boards containing campaigns and ads from the company. Sign-boards are visible by the general public. While walking across the street, people can see ads hanged up on the sign-board. The company promotes its products as a standalone product and also with stars and commercial actors promoting its products through sign-boards.

Also the company takes part in publicity campaigns and societal programs. This is also an easy method through which the company can get the attention from the viewers. By participating in social events, Guinness is able to popularize itself. The company gets more acceptability from the community.

Another method through which the company is promoting its product as it came to being in the 17th century and it has customers over generations (Lynch, 2011). The company promotes is brand as most reliable and dependable over the centuries. Probably the young males do get diverted towards it as being the beer of their fathers and forefathers. People from centuries are relying on this product and its taste is distinctive. Young males don’t need to try any other product. Through such promotion, the company is able to get the loyalty from the consumers.

As Guinness advertisements show, it also promotes its products to young males that it can increase the sexual power and intensity in them. This is more effective marketing tool for married couples. Perhaps,beer contains such ingredients which can increase the sexual intensity of males.

Another effective promotion technique, the company is using for the areas where alcohol is disliked that the individual can have beer without alcohol. Mostly in Muslim countries where alcohol is prohibited, the company can sell those products which are non-alcoholic. Also to those individual who do not like alcohol or cannot take alcoholic products, this is an effective marketing tool.

The company also promotes its products by using a notion of a rewarding beer. Also the company is the official beer of many sports clubs giving a notion that sports persons can always rely on this beer and do like the taste of it.


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